Consign Furniture


Consignment is the easiest way to sell your designer and antique furniture. We attract customers to see your furniture, then we sell it, then we cut you a check.

Looking to Consign Furniture?

  • First, send us an email at with photos of your items you would like to consign.
  • Then, we’ll inform you if your items have been approved.
  • Upon approval, fill out and sign the consignment contract below.
  • Next, call us to arrange a time to drop off your items and your signed contract.
  • After we receive the approved items, they will be on display in our showroom for 120 days.
  • To encourage sales, we mark down prices with a 10% markdown every 30 days.
  • However, if an item has not sold within 120 days, at our discretion, we may choose to run your item for an additional 30 days. Your unsold item will be listed at 50% off the original consignment price.
  • After this time, if your item still hasn’t sold, then you must pick up your item within 7 days. All remaining items can be donating at your request. We will obtain a 501C tax receipt for you.
  • If your item sells within that time, then we will pay you a 50/50 split for all your sold consignment items.
  • After your item sells, your consignment payment will be issued at the end of the following month.
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