Dealer Booths

A great way to sell your hand made goods, crafts, jewelry, antiques, unique items or home furnishings is to rent a Dealer Booth.

Interested in a Dealer Booth?

  • Our rentals start at $3.00 per square foot.
  • We offer an initial 6 month contracts, followed by month to month contracts.
  • First, fill out the Contract below.
  • Then, the first month and the security deposit are due at contract signing.
  • Our fees are such:
    • $5.00 monthly liability insurance fee
    • $5.00 monthly sales notification fee
    • 7% commission on gross monthly sales
    • 3.5% on all credit/debit card transactions
  • We also offer a deal to our Simple Finds Dealers: for Consignment sales, receive 80% of the sale!
    • Typical commission rate is 50%.
  • Jewelry case and Bookshelf rentals are also available for rent.
  • To inquire, give us a call (678.691.4241) or send us an email (

 To get started, Download the contract.

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